Short Leash is a short film I wrote, directed, and edited. The story began as an examination of my own anxiety, isolation, and mistrust in my senses. I wanted to write a brief, succinct film that put the viewer into a moment of mounting panic, and the helplessness that comes with it. I hope that the final product achieves this. 

Victoria Marie as Clare / Director of Photography, Ben Nissen

Victoria Marie as Clare / Director of Photography, Ben Nissen

I was extremely pleased to encounter the lead actress, Victoria Marie, from an online audition announcement. She brought her own energy to the role, which forced her to shoulder a huge burden as pretty much the only actor on-screen for the film's duration. I also made things difficult by having a (very cute) dog take the only other leading role. Luckily, I was able to work with a retired dog trainer and a committed crew who helped me pull it all off. 

Short Leash gave me a taste for tackling serious subject matter. I come from a comedy background, but experience life as horror, genre-wise. I hope this is the start of a journey for me, exploring themes of anxiety, urban isolation, the feminine experience, and the banal horrors of the everyday. Maybe the next film I make will be a little bit funny, too.

Nightmares Film Festival 2018

"The Cannes of horror" -iHorror

"One of the best-curated shorts programs on the planet" -The Film Coterie

"Immediately in the class of the best genre festivals anywhere" -Bloody Disgusting